Kindness Week 2019 Event Schedule

A week filled with fun activities that promote kindness

event pic.jpg

Kickoff - Tuesday, April 23, 2019

From a kindness Rap Battle to artistic murals, our Kickoff will be an action packed day to raise awareness about Kindness Week and remind the staff and students about the amazing events in the coming days.


Food day- Wednesday, April 24,2019

We invite York Mills to purchase and enjoy a selection of comfort foods, all while promoting, and educating the students and staff about compassion and mental health.


ymci talks -Thursday, APril 25, 2019

YMCI Talks is a Ted Talk-style conference where the passionate students of the Business Management class at York Mills Collegiate organize and come together to showcase an inspirational and powerful performance of talented speakers and professionals.

Paws for kindness -Friday,April 26,2019

To expose students to healthy coping mechanisms and enhance community involvement, therapy dogs will be provided to students. All at the same time, our collaboration event with the Best Buddies called ‘Hooping It Up’ will be taking place in the gym.