Does Kindness Lead To Happiness?

One of York Mills’s biggest goals during kindness week is to promote genuine kindness and positivity among students. Not only does kindness benefit the receiver, but it also benefits the giver. This has been scientifically proven. For example, Oxford researchers found that the average increase in happiness when you’re kind to someone else is equivalent to just shy of a 0.8 jump on a 10-point scale.

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Kindness can reduce social levels of social anxiety: 

Socially anxious participants who engaged in acts of kindness for 4 weeks showed a decrease in social avoidance goals concluding that kindness is an effective way to reduce state-level social anxiety.

Kindness can reduce stress: 

A 14-day study in which people reported on their feeling of stress and stressful events that day concluded that kindness can lower the effects of stress.

Kindness has the ability to lessen the effects of illness: 

Surveyed patients’ colds were shortened by 1 DAY if they experienced empathy and kindness from their doctor.